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Im Westen viel Neues: Lionel Baiers les grandes ondes Auf der Geisterbahn des Filmschauspiels Since works as an independent writer and director. While preparing Christmas dinner, Lena finds out that her husband cheats on her with prostitutes. Judith, the social worker who takes care of prostitutes, is living her sexual fantasy with a policeman in a hotel suite.

Rolf, a recovering alcoholic is trying to fix his relationship with his daughter.

After eighteen years of marriage, Alice finds herself confronted with the fact that her husband Frank feels more and more attracted to men. Not only Frank, but also she and their three children undergo an irreversible change. She hopes for big money in Zurich.

There she waits for clients, to satisfy them in their cars on dark parking lots. She can only fight her disgust with thoughts of the fortune she will make and how to use it at home. Despite being caught in a environment of violence, greed and a world of fast sex, she discovers here also love and friendship — and herself.

Trained as typesetter. Worked as a journalist for newspapers in the Grisons and for cultural events in Chur. Since works as a film technician and director. A rough and rhythmic roller coaster ride seating five survivors in their daily hustle through an apocalyptic world. Dave in the dry and lonesome Californian desert and April in simulation for a Mars mission in the Utah desert. Through the hustle, pain and laughter, the viewer is whisked away to an unfamiliar world, yet quickly discovers the souls encountered are perhaps not that different from their own.

Works as drummer and actor. To follow my own brother and a group of athletes as they train and prepare for an upcoming international bodybuilding competition, and to go to the championship with them. To understand the path that led them to this activity. To film a quest that can lead you astray if you intend to find anything else but yourself. To offer an alternative perspective on a misunderstood discipline.

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Production: PS. Joint Swiss and French citizenship. The film seeks to identify the issues involved in gold extraction and commerce today. It presents both the militants fighting against a nebulous cartel and the actors involved in the network and the market of this sought-after metal. It is a journey behind the scenes of this highly prosperous activity: on one extreme, the glittering windows of jewellery shops and the luxury industry; on the other, the appalling conditions of those cursed by dirty gold.

The film brings a new perspective to this business and contributes to the fight for more responsible ethics in the gold industry. Since works as independent director and producer. The Paraguayan director Arami Ullon has lived in Basel for a number of years. Because neither daughter nor mother can afford to pay a professional caretaker, Julia cares for her around the clock for a modest salary.

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In recent months, however, the mother's health has increasingly deteriorated. Julia can no longer cope with the situation and wants to quit her job. Since no one except Arami can look after her mother, she has to return to Paraguay and face her past. Worked in production of music videos, television programmes and commercials in Paraguay and Europe.

Lives and works between Basel and Asuncion.

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The trials and tribulations in the life and family history of Florian Burkhardt, who abandoned the constraints of his background to set out into the big wide world in search of fame and recognition. His quest is a mercurial search for identity that ends in fear and disillusionment, but also in a comforting return to his true self.

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Single aus Kino Villmergen Mädels Kennenlernen Aarberg Knonau Single Treff Single Kino Magden Brig Singlebörsen Kostenlos Signau Magden Reiche M. Signau - Kino Roxy - Kinoprogramm - Cineman; Cineman - Nach dem Film ist vor dem Film. Kinoprogramme, Filmkritiken, DVD, Poster, Trailer, Interviews.

Since lives in Berlin. Since works as producer, screenwriter, director and as lecturer at various film schools in Switzerland and Germany. Production: Louise Productions s. Received Arts degree from the University of Fribourg, literature, history, philology. Works as filmmaker, screenwriter and author. Frederick I. Lives and works between Bern and Berlin.

She is in mourning. Her father has just died. On that very day, in a magazine picked up at random at a station newsstand, she discovers a photograph that takes her, without her yet comprehending the reason, to a remote hamlet in the Great Russian North. She reads that rumours are circulating that the lighthouse there shall be extinguished forever, and its keeper laid off. She internalises her sadness about this double fate. She knows, she is deeply convinced, that her place of mourning will be there. A documentary and cross-media project about the power of non-violent activism and modern civil disobedience.

Using the most common and creative methods of resistance as a narrative guideline, the film displays the work and life of activists all over the world, who often risk their lives to fight for a better tomorrow.

Joint Austrian and Iranian citizenship. Since lives in Austria. Studied Film and Humanities. Grows up in Vienna. Studied Media.

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Worked as graphic designer and screen designer in London and Vienna. Since works as independent filmmaker in Vienna. Written by: Arash Riahi, Arman T. Studied photography at Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich. Since works as cinematographer, screenwriter, producer and director. Since mainly produces and directs portraits of Swiss artists. Lives in Zurich. He and his crew translate ideas into sculptures with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm.

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Their success has led to the fact that some of the production phases had to be outsourced to Shanghai. The cultural and artisanal exchange with China is tremendously enriching. And regardless of whether in Shanghai or St. Gallen, the molten metal is spellbinding as it turns dreams into reality. Discover Switzerland on www. Presence Switzerland promotes an authentic image of modern Switzerland worldwide. Other Version: DCP, 52 min. Two days before Herbert and I become a couple, I am diagnosed with cancer. Three months later, Herbert is dead.

Our love story wrecked. Herbert was a base jumper. His death in the midst of my chemotherapy completely throws me off balance. Why does he gamble his life away, while I fight for mine? Desperate for answers, I return to Lauterbrunnen, the scene of the accident where Andreas, his best friend and coach, introduces me to the world of base.

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